Other travelers are also part of who we serve. Perhaps you are a digital nomad, waiting for your new home to be built, in need of a welcoming haven during a medical journey, a grandparent eager to be closer to your grandchildren, or dealing with an insurance claim due to damage to your home? Look no further! Easy Travel Lodging is your housing solution. 

Experience the warmth of a home away from home, not just a generic hotel room. Each accommodation is designed by a team of professionals who thoughtfully curate accommodations to suit diverse needs.


Digital Nomads

With home-like comfort, even digital nomads will find high-speed internet and comfortable workspaces for the modern professional who is seeking a productive yet cozy environment.

As a digital nomad, finding a comfortable and functional space is crucial. Easy Travel Lodging exceeded my expectations.”

– Sarah L., Digital Nomad

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Transition Times

Are you waiting for your new home to be built? We’ve got you covered. Make your interim stay comfortable and stress-free. Easy Travel Lodging provides a home away from home during the exciting wait for your new space.


Supportive Lodgings for the Medically Fragile

 Our supportive accommodations are specially designed spaces with accessibility features. Our commitment to your well-being ensures a worry-free stay.


Grandparents’ Haven

 Stay close to your grandchildren with our family-friendly lodgings. You will be able to create lasting memories in a welcoming and spacious environment. Lots of cool amenities will be an extra hit with the grandkids such as 2 large swimming pools, tennis courts, a fitness center, basketball courts, BBQ areas, and local parks close by.


Insurance Claims Support

For those working with insurance companies and waiting for home repairs due to damage, Easy Travel Lodging provides a supportive and comfortable space during the restoration process.  We understand the challenges you are facing and are here to make the waiting period stress-free.

I did not know what to do or where to go when my basement flooded and caused damage to the foundation of my home. Working with Easy Travel Lodging has been a blessing during all this chaos and loss.  Easy Travel Lodging has been the best experience ever! It helped save my sanity and provided the peace of mind I needed during a tumultuous time.  Thank you, Easy Travel Lodging!!!

– Claire N., Displaced Homeowner/Insurance Claimant